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CoCreate Demo. No Feature tree modeling system.

Latest project:Updated Feb 22, 2008- Building my Yamaha HL500

CMRA Hill Climb, Loop 1
CMRA Winchester TN  Loop3 , March 22 2009

New! CMRA Loop 3 Video-Spring 2011

Tiger and Lou our new Connhound

"Hare of the Dog" Buddy Scramble
is an annual charity event  held by NATRA, North Alabama Trail Riders Association. A buddy scramble is a fun  benefit race you enter as a two man team and each member races one lap then tags his partner for next lap. You get about 15-20 minutes to rest and  gas up or repair something. The races starts and runs a 6 to 10 mile loop through the woods  for 3 hours.

 Hare of the Dog 2008 charity benefit race, West Point TN, NATRA riding area.

The start H.O.T Dog 2007!  annual "Hare of the Dog" buddy scramble. West Point TN - NATRA leased land.
1988 XR250R  Hare of tthe Dog buddy scramble. West Point TN - NATRA leased land.
Clay on lap one. Nice plume  he has going there! Old bike is due for some rings!
Lap 2 I am going through the red clay soup.
We finished 8 laps in a little over three hours. But we did finish!

How to Lace your wheel

Rocket City Racing  - Revalve your dirtbike suspension shop in North Alabama

Midway Cycles- Your new and used motorcycle and ATV dealer in North Alabama.

Hare of the Dog Dec 30, 2007  West Point TN, NATRA land

 Finished latest WP250

First  WP250

West Point Riding- NATRA leased land

Clay Lanz  guitar recordings  some cool jazz and his band Bodigan.
Clay's youtube
Clay's latest song
Clay's Soccer Pictures, VFC 91 White State Game 2  , 2007

Our new kitten, Tiger

Windrock RIde, Oliver Springs TN 2005

Wakeboarding July 4 2008

Wakeboarding July 24, 2008

Anna Lanz Resume

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